Frequently Asked Questions

Thrive South Bay was created by South Bay entrepreneurs to help our fellow small businesses thrive and help our community residents make the choice to shop local and support locally-owned businesses. Local businesses are up against fierce competition with international and national chains that seem to have unlimited marketing budgets, and giant online retailers that don’t prioritize our community, our economy or the environment. 

Thrive South Bay was born out of the desire to increase awareness on the importance and the benefits of “buying local”, and make it easier for our residents to find local businesses to support. In order to accomplish our mission, we’ve created the South Bay Co-Op Giant Post Card that are sent up to 130,000 households (reaching 260,000 residents) featuring local, non-competing small businesses. With this initiative, not only we are able to help small businesses to increase visibility, but also we are able to offer free and discounted spots for local non-profit organizations and community programs.

Thrive South Bay offers a partnership program for non-profit and community organizations. Participating on our Co-Op Giant Post Card is a great way to increase awareness of your programs, fundraising initiatives and upcoming events. To get more information about our partnership, please fill out this form. Our team will be in touch soon! (Form will be added)

  • Help reach a location without purchasing an address list
  • Send out local mailings at the most affordable postage rate
  • Help build more traffic for your business
  • Seek new customers and let people know about your products/services
  • Potentially increase revenue

Direct Mail campaigns are expensive and time consuming for busy entrepreneurs. We make it easy and cost effective for business owners. To put it shortly, an EDDM campaign can cost a business over $2,000 and reach 5,000 households one-time. For the same budget, our Giant Post Card allows you to reach up to 40,000 households!

Neighborhood saturation works well for products and services that everyone needs(food, dental, auto repair etc,). Here are some examples of businesses that neighborhood saturation is ideal for: 

Real Estate Agents/Realtors,Restaurants, Attorneys, Gyms/Fitness Clubs/Personal Trainers, Home Services Providers such as Construction Contractors, Roofers, Plumbers, Electricians, Cleaners etc. 

Insurance Agents, Home-based Businesses, Politicians, Doctors/Dentists/Chiropractors, Beauty Salons/Med Spas, Moving/Storage, Local Artisans, Local Retailers and Dry Cleaners. Wondering if neighborhood saturation is a good fit for your business? Get in touch with us and let’s discuss.

Our Post Card is huge (9 inches wide by 12 inches tall)! The Post Office won’t fold this, making it the biggest piece of mail delivered to mailboxes. The postcard is printed on 14-pt full-gloss, UV coated cardstock. It’s so photogenic that families will have a tendency to keep it on full display on their fridge!

Nope. Once you claim an industry, no other business from the same industry will be featured on the same post card.

There are a maximum of 21 ads on a single postcard. There are 10 ads per side, with 11 on the other side. If a business claims more than one spot, there may be less than 21 total ads.

At minimum, 5,000 postcards are printed at a time and sent to a neighborhood of your choice.

A – 2.8″ x 3.4″

B – 2.07″ x 3.4″

C – 8.6″ x 1″

No. Our design team will create an impactful ad based on your input, your branding and offers. We will send you a proof to approve before printing. However if you’d like to create your own ad and send it to us, that’s fine too.

Our professional team of ad creators will work with you to make the perfect offer. Then our designers will craft an attractive and effective ad. Once you approve the final product, it will be printed and shipped to the neighborhood of your choice.

Click here to see pricing. On average it’s 5 cents per household reached. We offer flexible payment plans and multi-mailer commitment discounts!

Ad design, printing, shipping and handling is all included.

A business would spend about $990 on postage alone to send 5,000 pieces of direct mail, on top of the time spent on required paperwork and sorting. With the cost of design and printing, a one-time direct mail campaign can easily cost a business over $2000. By participating in the South Bay Mini Billboard Post Card, a business would get an attention-grabbing and competition-free ad spot for just $297 to reach 5,000 households, without time-consuming work.

Each delivery zone is comprised of approximately 5,000 South Bay homes, reaching minimum 10,000 residents. You can choose as many zones as you like.

We will email you the postal receipt from the United States Post Office (USPS).

Every month we have Post Cards going out to various neighborhoods! Schedule update coming soon.

If you apply, you will be added on the upcoming mail schedule provided that your industry isn’t already taken.

Response rates vary depending on numerous factors, including offers, timing, competition and so much more. We help you optimize your campaign to get the best results possible by creating attention-grabbing ads and offers, based on current best practices. We guarantee exposure of your business to your chosen area.

People that may not know about your business will know about it after seeing your ad & your attractive offer will entice them to take action.

Also it is known that 80% of consumers will check out a business online before making a purchase. Therefore, making sure that your online presence is as professional as you, and that you have a system to follow up efficiently is important.

  1. Choose locations that your ideal potential clients live.
  2. Create an irresistible offer that prompts customer action, which includes discounts, BOGO deals, contests, and giveaways such as prizes, ebooks and useful content.
  3. Create an eye-catching and captivating ad design.
  4. Ensure that your backend support is well-established, such as your website, landing page, Google Business Profile & follow-up systems.
  5. Repeated mailings to the same prospect list throughout the year to stay fresh in consumers’ minds.

The success of a direct mail campaign is in consistency and repetition just like any other advertising methods. You are much more likely to remember an ad on TV that you’ve seen multiple times versus one time, right? We target the same neighborhood with our postcards every other month with new and exciting local deals.

Thrive South Bay is committed to innovation and creativity to help local businesses succeed. We offer following additional services.

  • VIP Text Club/Birthday Clubs
  • Newsletter Services
  • Social Media Posting
  • Online Ads
  • Google Business Profile Optimization
  • Website/Landing Page Development and More!

Do you know business owners who can benefit from participating in our Co-Op mailer? For every succeeding referral, get a $50 credit towards your next purchase! The credits are stackable.

If you have questions or concerns, please get in touch with us!